What Is Keyword Density and How Does It Affect a Site?


First, choose one word or phrase that describes the focus of that page. Users are more likely to search simple and recognizable words or phrases. There are several sites and programs available to find the best words or phrases to use. Some of these sites include Google AdWords, Wordtracker's Free Tool, Google Suggest, Good Keywords or Keyword Discovery. Selecting the right keyword to use throughout your site is very important.

Provide accurate and usable content to customers to keep them engrossed and participating on the site while using the keyword or phrase effectively for search engine recognition. Making the keyword prominent in a title is practiced. Google, in particular, rates the keywords in titles very high. While you may want to get creative with your titles, it is more important that you use specific keywords that will bring audiences to your site. Ranking higher on search engines is one of the best ways to increase overall traffic.

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